Why open a pizza franchise?

Why open a pizza franchise?

As with any franchise business, there are great benefits to investing in a pizza franchise and running your own restaurant. The main advantage being the fact of relying on the image of a renowned company to get you started.

This article reveals a few other benefits of franchising.

Less risk and immediate brand recognition

By choosing the path of franchise, much of the risk of starting a new business is mitigated. With the safety net of brand recognition and an established customer base, you are likely to become profitable much faster.

By joining a recognized brand, you will get a customer base loyal and should be able to turn a profit quickly. Whether the brand is known for its best stuffed crust options or for its authentic Italian taste, you will have everything to gain by buying a brand of pizza franchise rather than starting from scratch.

Supply chain and purchasing power

many pizza franchise success stories
many pizza franchise success stories

When you own a pizzeria, you can benefit from a existing supply chain of quality ingredients from trusted suppliers. Indeed, to open a pizza franchise, it is essential that you adopt the same recipes as your franchisor. This is how quality will be attached to the name of your restaurant. When customers find themselves in any franchised restaurant, the taste of pizza must remain the same.

Therefore, the franchisor has every interest in making its supply chain available to you. This is beneficial for both him and you. So, logically, this provision positively influences purchasing power which is justified by the notoriety of the brand. You enjoy the fruits of the work previously done by your franchisor. This is also the reason why the franchise agreement requires a careful study of the person to be franchised and monitoring over time.

Lots of training and support

As with any franchise business, people who invest in a pizza franchise will receive a full training before launching their restaurant. Franchisees have access to all the support necessary to be able to own and operate a profitable business, so no previous experience is required.

With a proven business model, expenses related to stock required have already been analyzed and calculated. Even decisions such as where to locate your restaurant can be aided by the franchise you invest in.

Access to marketing tools

The majority of franchisors have set up marketing plans complete for their franchisees. This usually includes:

  • advertising campaigns;
  • Internet advertisements;
  • public relations;
  • social media and direct mail efforts.

Therefore, if brand recognition is widely established, franchisees will benefit from this brand image capital.

You can use technological advances to your advantage

The UK for example, having embraced the digital age, more and more pizza lovers are choosing to order online. This is why large franchise businesses often invest in technology to stay ahead of the curve. Franchisees can have access to technological elements important to the business. It may seem like a simple part of a company’s infrastructure. However, this is often not so easy to replicate for an independent business.

Many pizzerias are now increasing their sales by advertising on smartphone delivery platforms. This is a significant step forward in this booming sector.

A growing market

Pizza franchises evolve and adapt to meet the needs of their customers. In response to consumers’ need to eat healthier, many pizza franchises are launching high-end products. These include gourmet pizzas containing healthier and higher quality ingredients. The growing demand for meatless or gluten-free options has also increased. These menu options have attracted and continue to attract a wider customer base for the pizzeria industry.

Many pizza franchise success stories — why not be next?

With a pizza franchise, you can also write your story. Indeed, the pages of success story are not lacking in the pizzeria sector. One of the best-known cases is that of Paul Ashurst, a Domino’s franchisee. He has achieved great things during his journey with this global brand.

“From the start, I told Domino’s that my goal was to open 10 stores in 10 years. I invested in my first franchise in Wickford in April 1999, raising the funds by partnering with my college friend Kevin Butler, selling shares to friends and family, borrowing from my parents and getting a loan from the bank. Nine years later Kevin and I are millionaires – we have just opened our ninth store, we employ 300 people and our business is doing £6m a year”.

What to say to conclude? With a well-defined goal, opening a pizza franchise may well be the path to a whole new destination.

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