Will you use Apple’s self-service repair program?

Since last week, US iPhone 12/13/SE3 users can order official Apple spare parts and tools to repair their smartphones! A small revolution for Apple, which until now kept saying all the bad things it thought about the right to repair. However, it will be necessary to wait before seeing this self-service repair program land in Europe (it is planned for this year).

By opening its spare parts store, Apple is anticipating the fallout from future legislation on the right to repair on both sides of the Atlantic, even if everything is not perfect. This online store, with a very complete and sometimes surprising catalog, also allows you to know the price of the various components. Surprise, it’s not that expensive and it’s even less so if you send the defective parts back to Apple.

Self-service repair

Does Apple self-service repair save money?

Now it remains to be seen whether you are ready to get your hands dirty to change the battery or the photo block of your iPhone. Last November, we asked you the question after the announcement of this program, and 43% of you were waiting to see the price of spare parts. Now that we know everything, will you use this program?


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