Withdrawal of Apple Pay in Russia: a law firm sues Apple

When Vladimir Putin announced a war against Ukraine, Joe Biden’s administration immediately demanded that American companies withdraw from the Russian market, something Apple was forced to do. The Californian giant has stopped marketing its products and cut certain services such as Apple Pay.

A lawsuit filed against Apple in Russia

Since the end of February, Russians can no longer obtain Apple products, resellers are no longer delivered and Apple Stores have been closed for over a month. If the population is starting to get used to this brutal withdrawal of international brands, the removal of Apple Pay for purchases in stores and on the internet has not passed for everyone.

8 days ago, we learned that a Russian law firm was preparing to launch a class action against Apple. In a television report, the team of lawyers asked the Russians to join the lawsuit to give it more weight, at least those who felt a frustration to no longer be able to pay with their iPhone!

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The law firm Lukoyanov & Partners spoke today in a report by Reuters, they denounce a flagrant violation of the rights of Russian consumers, they also mention material and moral damages. Many Russians used to pay with their iPhone, Apple Watch and even online with their Mac and iPad, since the withdrawal of the contactless payment system, they must use the contactless of their bank card, enter the code or enter again the numbers of their bank card on the internet.

This situation binding is not acceptable, which is why the lawyers choose to sue Apple in court in Moscow claiming the sum of €1.21 million damages (i.e. 90 million rubles).
This same firm also sued the streaming service Netflix which no longer offers access in Russia, subscribers must use a VPN with a foreign IP address to continue watching films and series.

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