WWDC22: Apple details the special face-to-face experience

If WWDC will take place virtually as has been the case for the past two years, Apple is still inserting a face-to-face element, perhaps to test a semblance of normality. This will take place on June 6, in the form of a “special experience” that will last all day.

Developers will be present at Apple Park to follow the inaugural keynote and the State of the Union, the following conference which details more technical measures concerning the new operating systems. These two events will be filmed upstream, so it’s not about slapping at the Steve Jobs Theater. But for those invited, it will be an opportunity to physically meet Apple engineers and experts.

They will also have the opportunity to explore the new Developer Center, a location unknown to the battalion. Participating in this day is free, however you must register for a lottery between 9 and 11 May. The lucky winners will have to present proof of a negative Covid-19 test less than three days before June 6.

The World Developers Conference can be followed for free online from June 6 to 10, on the Apple site of course, but also on MacG!

Kernel Panic is turning up the heat ahead of WWDC22!

Kernel Panic is turning up the heat ahead of WWDC22!


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