XCMG is pushing the boundaries of autonomous road construction technology and transforming the future of infrastructure development

XUZHOU, China, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — XCMG (000425.SZ), China’s largest construction machinery company, is among the world leaders in autonomous road construction technology. The company’s in-house research and development team conducts experiments and simulations to develop high-precision technologies for use in real-world scenarios by integrating 5G and artificial intelligence.

More recently, the research and development team conducted on-site trials for three consecutive months. The team developed high-precision alignment technology for the strap-on inertial navigation system of an autonomous construction roller, improving control accuracy from 20cm to 5cm. In the Karamay Desert in Xinjiang, the team worked in harsh weather conditions, but after hundreds of days of data collection and testing the team was able to resolve waterlogging issues across the world. industry, such as the interaction of agglomerates in complex media and the compression of edges, thus increasing the compression efficiency by 20%.

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These efforts by the in-house research and development team result in improvements and evolutions of XCMG’s autonomous road construction technologies. To date, the company’s second-generation construction equipment has participated in 15 highway construction projects in 12 provinces of China, such as Pan-Lian highway, Jingxiong highway, reconstruction and expansion from the highway Beijing–taipeiS420 Jinhu Section, Xinjiang S21 Desert Highway and Highway Maintenance Projects Shanghai–Nanjing.

The total construction of 500 km is the highest in the industry, and the average annual time for thorough research by technicians is 170 days. Key indicators, such as vehicle positioning and acquisition accuracy, trajectory and control accuracy, and obstacle avoidance radar sensitivity, have already been recognized by national authorities for assessment. technical. The entire self-contained system at the XCMG test site further benefits from a failure-free test time of 3,000 hours.

Data from key projects such as Jingxiong Expressway, panda highway, and Xinliunan Expressway revealed that for each kilometer of foundation construction, self-contained construction rollers only used 85% of working time and 80% of traffic lane compared with traditional construction rollers. Self-contained construction rollers reduced fuel consumption by 15%, improving efficiency by 20%.

“Our autonomous road construction technology efforts focus on three major areas: efficiency, quality and cost. Just like an automated production line in the manufacturing industry, automated construction technology can improve standardization and achieve high-quality, high-efficiency construction solutions,” said Cui Jisheng, general manager of the Road construction division of XCMG.

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