you won’t believe your ears with Rakuten

The Apple AirPods Pro wireless headphones meet many needs, both in terms of gaming and communication and audio entertainment. Comfortable, these in-ear headphones come with 3 sizes of silicone tips, allowing them to adapt ideally to the shape of your ears. The comfort is personalized and you can wear them for hours without experiencing the slightest discomfort. High-performance, the Apple AirPods Pro 2021 are powered by the Apple H1 chip, which offers many advantages: quick access to Siri, reduced latency during video games and more stable conversations, which are therefore some of its main ones. AirPods Pro 2021 embed Active Noise Reduction technology that isolates from the outside in order to make the most of the content. Intelligent, the Apple AirPods Pro do everything to make the user experience quality, both in terms of comfort, performance and autonomy (+ 18 hours).

Apple AirPods Pro wireless headphones for less than 180 euros on Rakuten

While the Apple AirPods Pro 2021 Bluetooth headphones are usually sold at 369 euros, these accessories are now available on sale on Rakuten. Thanks to an immediate discount, the Apple AirPoids Pro see their price drop to 180.90 euros on the online sales site. But you have the option of adding an additional Rakuten promo code to lower the bill even further. By entering the promo code GOS5100, the Apple AirPods Pro are even cheaper, with a final price of 175.90 euros. In addition to these two good plans, there is a third reserved for Club R members. By joining the online merchant’s loyalty program, 37 euros are reimbursed in the form of Rakuten Points. These RP are to be used in the future on the marketplace. Becoming a Club R member is free and without obligation, giving you the opportunity to save even more.

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Apple AirPods Pro: you won’t believe your ears with Rakuten

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